It is an over truck machine used in surface dressing, application of bitumen connection in seal coat layers, coating, tack coatings and fog-seal applications.

While laying, the amount of material in kg in per squaremeter can be commanded by a digital indicator located in drivers’s locality.

The hydrolic pump drived by the main gear box of the truck receives turning moment by hydrolic motor power connected to asphalt pump.

The intended hydrolic flow rate adjustment is achieved by variable pump.

The heating of the asphalt tank is provided by two automatic fire thermostat and level check boiler. The heat control is provided by PT 100 thermocouple and a digital indicator. Also firing is secure with a switch connected to a float system.

The sprey bar system has an on/off  (pneumatic) system within and behind the cabin and also a manuel command group. The sprey bar valves are custom manufacturing with conical sphero casting.

The adjustment of material amount (m2/kg) that will be layed on road and 5th Wheel movement is adjusted digitally from the command cabin.

It absolutely carries out the duties such as filling from supply source, circulation within sprey bar, spraying, spraying differently from branchs, spraying manually, transfer from supply source to storage tank, circulation to the tank.

Has a steel suction pipe and a manual sprey apparatus.