This production plant which is included to our product range recently is preferred mostly by road construction companies in developing countries.

Due to choice, Okur Makine can provide petroleum-based bitumen emulsion (Cut-Back) instead of water-based bitumen emulsion and provides high capacity, sensitive and professional plant to his customers depending on the studies made on this matter.

During production process the bitumen is absorbed from the filter by bitumen pump with inverter and it is sent sensitively to the static mixer due to the receipt, passing from the flowmeter. The same way, kerosene is absorbed from the filter by kerosene pump with invertor and according to signals received from the flowmeter, it is sent sensitively to the static mixer due to the receipt.

All the equipments have feature of exproof.

The static mixer designed by Okur Makine is made of 316 quality stainless steel and it is vital part of the plant with homogenous mixing capability.

The bitumen and kerosen which reach the static mixer is mixed homogenously and forms a perfect Cut-Back emulsion.  The Cut-Back bitumen emulsion which pass the test with samples taken from sample valve is sent to the stock tanks.

The whole process is controlled and managed automatically and manually by a PLC.