This model has been chosen for speedy and easy installation is specifically appropriate for Cold Slurry Seal applications.  As productions are continuous the plant is designed as a binary solution tank and is shaped like a container.

During production process, liquid material pumps such as bitumen, solution, solvent, DOP, latex works with the help of invertor and has capability of including necessary amount of material to the process. Also a flowmeter can be placed behind each pump and necessary amount the system needs determined by flowmeter is provided.

The bitumen and solvent sifts through static mixer in definite proportions according to the receipt so the bitumen has the deserved penetration value.  Besides this, in order to increase adhesion of bitumen and DOP material they are mixed in static mixer in special amounts. The bitumen which comes out of static mixer as qualified definetely reaches the collaidal mill.

The solution is prepared in tanks made of poliproetilen (PP3) material. A measurement unit is designed for other admixture materials of the receipt (such as Emulgator, Acid, Stabilizer). Thus, all admixtures are easily measured and definetely sent to the solution tanks. There are two different equipments within the body in order to heat water for the solution. Heats the external cold water through electric heaters or by replacing plate heat exchanger in the exit of the emulsion product. Time and energy is saved by this contemporary application. The solution which the temperature and pH value had become proper and mixed homogenously, reaches the colloidal mill passing through the flow meter by 316 quality stainless steal, in-line vertical centrifuge pump.

The bitumen and solution which reaches the mill mixes up and speedly fragmentized  and form a perfect emulsion. The bitumen emulsion which the approxiame temperature is 80-90 degrees centigrade decreases approximately to 60 degrees centigrade passing through one plate heat exchanger. Afterwards other admixtures are included with the help of other static mixer and different bitumen emulsions can be produced. The samples taken from the sample valves are sent to bitumen emulsion stock tanks after being approved by the test. The whole system can be controlled either automatically or manually.

Capacity (t/sa) 3 8 12 20 30 1
Production Type
Party (Semi-Continuous) x x Cut-Back (Continuous Production)
Continuous (Inline) x x x x x
Continuous (Continuous)
Portability Container 20’ & 40' W x L x H 2,4 x 7,5 x 2,6 Container 20' Container 40' Container 20' Mobile
Solution Tank Number 1 & 2 1 1 & 2 2 x 1
Solution Dosage Flowmetre Flowmetre Flowmetre Flowmetre x Digital Counter
Bitumen Dosage Flowmetre Digital Counter Flowmetre Flowmetre Flowmetre Digital Counter
Mill Type GAP Adjusted Variable Speed GAP Adjusted Fix Speed GAP Adjusted Variable Speed GAP Adjusted Variable Speed x GAP Adjusted Variable Speed
Granule Dimension(μm) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 x 0.1
Solvent Dosage Flowmetre x Flowmetre Flowmetre Flowmetre x
Emulgator & Acid Dosage Loadcell Loadcell Loadcell Loadcell x x
Heating Electrical/ Hot Oil Electrical/ Hot Oil Electrical/ Hot Oil Electrical/ Hot Oil Electrical/ Hot Oil Electrical
Control Manuel / Full Automatic Manuel / Full Automatic Manuel / Full Automatic Manuel / Full Automatic Manuel / Full Automatic Manuel / Full Automatic
Additional Equipments DOP Latex DOP Latex DOP Latex DOP Latex DOP Latex DOP Latex
Electric Heater x x
Heat Exchanger x x
Total Power (kW) 75 61 90 105 30 5