1. This is a machine, installed on board of a truck, which is used for applications of surface paving, seal coat bituminous binder, lining or binding layer and fog-seal. The asphalt sprayer has been designed to provide the most efficient pumping and spraying of asphalt products. The product features a technology to apply bituminous binder at the desired application rates in kg/m2, independent of the sprayer’s velocity and without any intervention by the operator, during spraying. It performs the following operations.

  • Suction – tank loading from outside
  • Recirculation in the tank
  • Recirculation in the spraying bar and tank
  • Pumping outside from the tank
  • Pumping from an external tank to another external tan (intermediate transfer)
  • Spraying from spraying arm
  • Arm and pipe cleaning

2. The customer orders are tailored to be in compliance with the technical characteristics and capacity of semi-trailer trucks owned by the customer.

3. The power to drive hydrostatic system is supplied from PTO of the truck. Hydraulic hardware used is selected from the highest performing products.

4. Customer satisfaction is assured thanks to conformity to international standards and top-quality products. The first factor in quality is the precision ratios of ingredients in bituminous binder mixes, employed in road applications.

5. We closely monitor advances in the-state-of-the-art and quickly adapt the same to our products. With a single button and a single operator approach, we made operations very comfortable. The machine is capable of self flushing by the end of application.

6. Under no circumstances we compromise product’s standards for the sake of sustainable quality.

7. Machine is ergonomic; thanks to its adaptability to any types of trucks, it is quick and practical to attach, detach and deploy.

8. Through high and quick ROI (return-on-investment), its investment and operating costs are minimized.

9. Our production operations are conducted within the framework of international machinery and safety standards.

10. Product quality is maintained for the sake of sustainability.

11. Through modern infrastructure instruments the data is processed correctly and accurately reported and stored.

12. We provide after-sale services at any point in the world to the same standards and without interruption.

13. The training is provided to the top management, quality control and maintenance personnel and operators, depending on their needs.

Having a performance surpassing global standards with its bitumen application sensitivity, catapults this product into a league of top performing asphalt sprayers.

Since it is an on-board equipment, it is fabricated with a custom design specific to each trucks.

It is capable of easily applying high viscosity liquids such as polymer modified bitumen and doped bitumen emulsions, etc.

Speed sensor and radar distance meter incorporated into the hydraulic motor, directly influences on product quality used in dosing.

Spraying width can be adjusted between 3600, 4400 and 5400 mm thanks to unfolding arms.

Since product’s stability is ensured automatically via a PID controller, it renders the operator input unnecessary.

In order to be able to keep bituminous binders at a stable application temperature, there are 2 thermostatically controlled burners and U-type flame pipes to diffuse heat energy of the burnt fuel.

Product capacity is always automatically controlled.

Temperature and pressure safety values are double secured through mechanical and electronic measurements.

Its operating conditions and safety features are ADR regulation compliant.

Tank insulation safety and energy saving values are heavy duty.

The asphalt sprayer is operated by only a single operator in the cab.

TECHNICIAL SPECIFICATIONS AD3   &   AD6   &   AD10   &   AD14   &   AD16   &   AD20
BITUMEN TANK CAPACITY (m3)      3              6              10               14                16              20