1. The first equipment which comes to mind when one talks about controlling snow is snow plow blade. Snow plow blade is installed on an attachment plate located in front of the vehicle to be used in snow plowing operations. Its functions can be controlled through a control panel in the operator’s compartment. Obstacle impact forces are dampened with the helical spring technology. Thus damages which may occur while plowing snow, can be eliminated. HS type snow plow attachment is hydraulically operated. Hydraulic force is supplied from powerpack installed on the snow plow blade. Supplying 24 volts from the vehicle is enough to drive the system. Moreover hydraulic force is supplied by a hydraulic pump connected to PTO shaft, coupled to the vehicle’s transmission system. Through valve commands, the blade is moved left and right and down and up. The blade performs snow plowing by its own weight and hydraulic and hydrostatic power used is supplied from PTO of the truck. Hydraulic hardware used is selected from the highest performing products.

2. This product is designed for combating snow on roads. The snow is controlled by plowing off the snow accumulated on the road surface. The snow plow blades are fabricated with different characteristics and dimensions depending on the capacity of the receiving vehicle and weather as well as road conditions where snow plowing is done. Blade tip is made up of a special type of steel sheet. The body which directs the plowed snow is made of St 52 steel or polyethylene based plastic material reinforced by metal sheet ribs. Top section features a minimum 15 cm wide shield. The main function of this shield is to prevent snow getting into front part of the vehicle and it can be manually adjusted at any desired angle.

3. We closely monitor advances in the-state-of-the-art and quickly adapt the same to our products. With a single button and a single operator approach, we made operations very comfortable.

4. Under no circumstances we compromise product’s standards for the sake of sustainable quality.

5. Thanks to its adaptability to any types of tow trucks, it is practical and ergonomic to attach, detach and deploy.

6. Through high and quick ROI (return-on-investment), its investment and operating costs are minimized.

7. Machine safety is assured in compliance with international operational standards.

8. We provide after-sale services at any point in the world to the same standards and without interruption.

9. The training is provided to the top management, quality control and maintenance personnel and operators, depending on their needs.

It assures customer satisfaction with its low investment cost.

Its speed is the most prominent and indispensable feature of our machine.

Thanks to ease of assembly, it can quickly be deployed on a truck.

Easy Control Interface provides comfort to the operators.

Minimum maintenance requirement is one of the greatest advantages of our machine.

The durability is one of the topmost priority in its design.

We always stand by our customers through our fast service network and non-stop working principle.

Since it is an on-board equipment, it is fabricated with a custom design specific to each trucks.

Plowing width and diversity are the most advantages aspects of the system.

Temperature and pressure values are double secured, mechanically and electronically.

Its operating conditions and safety features are international regulations compliant.

The snow plower is operated by only a single operator in the cab.

LENGTH OF BLADE SHEAR (mm) 2500 3000 3300 3500 4000 4500 5000

3000 & 3300


Polyurethane & sheet


Disc Spring & Coil Spring