1. In order for road anti-icing vehicles to create the desired effect, it is important anti-icing compounds to be spread at the desired rate and width per unit area depending on the road and weather conditions. In order for the salt spreader to operate effectively under the harshest weather and road conditions, it must have a hydraulic circuit which is produced using the top end hydraulic components, an electronic control unit controlling the foregoing circuit and a mechanical structure with adequate sturdiness. The machine can stand on its parking stands when it is removed during summertime. Its entire functions can be controlled from the vehicle’s cab. It can be fitted with optional jack hammer or capable of spraying solution. Its stainless steel spreading assembly is compliant to European norms.

2. Our salt spreader is used for spreading a mixture of salt, aggregate and solution, transported within its chamber for the purpose of enhancing road conditions and preventing ice formation on the roads. Maximum height of snow to be eliminated is 50 cm.

3. We closely monitor advances in the-state-of-the-art and quickly adapt the same to our products. With a single button and a single operator approach, we made operations very comfortable.

4. Under no circumstances we compromise product’s standards for the sake of sustainable quality.

5. Our machine is ergonomic; it is compatible with any type of trucks and is quick and practical to transport, install and deploy.

6. Thanks to its high and quick ROI (return-on-investment), its investment and operating costs are minimized.

7. Machine’s safety and security are ensured in conformity with international operating rules.

8. We provide after-sale services at any point in the world to the same standards and without interruption.

9. The training is provided to the top management, quality control and maintenance personnel and operators, depending on their needs.

It assures customer satisfaction with its low investment cost.

Its speed, salt spreader and snow plow are its must-have properties.

Thanks to ease of assembly, it can quickly be deployed on a truck.

Easy Control Interface provides comfort to the operators.

Its minimum maintenance need is one of its greatest advantages.

Durability is the most important factor in its design principles.

We always stand by our customers through our fast service network and non-stop working principle.

Since it is an on-board equipment, it is fabricated with a custom design specific to each trucks.

Salt spreading width and diversity are the most advantages aspects of the system.

Temperature and pressure values are double secured, mechanically and electronically.

Its operating conditions and safety features are international regulations compliant.

The salt spreader is operated by only a single operator in the cab.



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