By keeping abreast of the technological developments in the global markets in Asphalt Machines and Equipments Sector, designing our products in accordance with the principle of minimum cost-maximum efficiency and increasing our market share in the global market continuously,

Meeting the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Terms and maintaining these terms2 continuity, enhancing the knowledge, skills and competencies of the employees as per the “Continuous Development” principle and thus developing continuously all of the processes which take part in the system and products accordingly.

Releasing products and providing services which meet outrightly the changing requirements and prospects of the customers with “Customer Oriented” business approach.

Determining the source requirements precisely by analyzing with the “Process Driven” approach, reaching to the determined objectives by using the sources efficiently,

With the aims of reaching to the process objectives and continuous improvement, providing to our employees fertile environment for work and keeping open the internal communication channels everytime.