Pioneering our sector with the aplications which are susceptible to the environment by following closely the developments in the global market in the Asphalt Machine and Equipments sector,

Performing an efficient “Environmental Management System” which will control solid, liquid and gas wastes which will emerge or might emerge during Production Process and minimizing the wastes by monitoring the production process,

Enabling the continuity of the “ Environmental Management System” and following the monitoring parameters constantly to keep at minumum level of the hazards which might be against to environment-air, water, soil and all living biological assets.

Fulfilling the national liabilities fully as an enterprise which is considerate to environement, practicing the necessary works to enhance the environmental consciousness of not only the empolyees but at the same time of the suppliers and customers also,

Prioritizing the necessary practices for productive use of natural sources and energy in all processes including the services beginning from the design phase to the after sale.