1. After analyzing the requirements of the customer, we offer a customer-focused design depending on the application type and quantity. It is important to choose dimensions, portability, capacity depending on the intended application processes and operating conditions.

2. Design of the tank will be made depending primarily on the type of bitumen to be stored and also on such calculations as physical dimensions, heating and on how it will be fixed to the ground.

3. Thermostatically controlled heat cut-offs and high performance insulation will be employed to save energy consumption.

4. As for bitumen tank heating systems, one of the three options, namely flame tube heating, hot oil tube heating and electric heating is used.

5. It is possible to use the tank with various temperature and level control instruments. Moreover the tank plant can be operated and monitored under a joint program with other tanks. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, it is easy to operate and use. The tank is practical to operate by a single operator and a single button.

6. When large volumes are required, the tanks are fabricated vertically in-situ.

7. Those tanks with small and medium capacity (between 1 and 1000 m3) are fabricated to be suitable for road transportation.

8. The bitumen tank is ergonomic and quick and practical to transport, set up and deploy. Optionally, we also produce bitumen tank within the container.

9. Through high and quick ROI (return-on-investment), its investment and operating costs are minimized.

10. Plant’s safety and security are assured without compromise, in conformity with international operating rules.

11. Through modern infrastructure instruments the data is processed correctly and accurately reported and stored.

12. The system is always under control thanks to real time data transfer and remote monitoring capability.

13. We provide after-sale services at any point in the world to the same standards and without interruption.

14. The training is provided to the top management, quality control and maintenance personnel and operators, depending on their needs.

Thanks to it compact construction, it is practical to setup, remove, transport and deploy.

The tanks are fitted with condenser flanges to collect and eliminate hydrogen sulfide gas emitted from bitumen due to energy release.

Thanks to standards-compliant ladders and catwalks, they are comfortable to operate.

Bitumen tanks are fitted with suitable (type, number and motor power of) mixers, for the processes which they are used.

All tank designs are evaluated with analytical applications and fabricated in compliance with the welding protocols.

The tanks are fabricated ready to be compatible with smart applications.

Temperature and overflow safety values are double secured through mechanical and electronic measurements.

The tanks are easy to run and maintain.

The tank and tank plant can be operated by a single operator.

CAPACITY(m3) 1-100 1-100 200-5000